November 28th, 2011Colorful Magnetic Clowns

Caity and her creation.  She said it’s her and her lil’ bro.

The kids have this magnetic puzzle toy which you can form into clowns, trees, boat and other things their creative minds can think of.  It comes with a small rectangular metal sheet where you put the colorful shapes. It has some pictures which kids can follow. Caity loves playing with this and she already knows how to copy the pictures but mostly, she just makes her own figures. I mounted the metal sheet on the wall so its easier for the kids to stick the magnets.


magnetic clown
That’s Mama (with dangling earrings) according to Caity.

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Colorful Weekend
Kids in Doodles

Czech homes are usually decked with Christmas decors a week or for some even the day before the 24th of December, but malls and even small stores have already put up their Christmas trees ad trimmings early, probably to prompt people to start Christmas shopping .

The following photos were taken after we attended the Sunday Mass (the first Sunday of Advent). We went to a mall  for lunch in an Italian buffet then planned to go home. But Caity protested, she didn’t want to go home yet. So we lounged on the couch where there was this big Christmas tree standing in front. Hard not to miss it. The kids enjoyed poking and looking at the big tree.

Her outfit:
Inner shirt = blue long sleeve oxford shirt by H&M (borrowed from lil’ bro)
Sweater = Hello Kitty
Pink Cordoruy skirt = Next
Tights = Hello Kitty
Boots = Nelliblu
Beaded necklace = made by Caity
Pompom scrunchy & beaded bracelet = made by rainydazeee

Everything that Caity was wearing were gifts by friends except for the boots and the DIY accessories. Thanks for the sponsors! (:


It’s scary to bring kids to the malls these days where there are plenty of toys sold in every corner.  Isn’t it?  Caity already made several attempts to make us buy some toys that caught her eye.  Fortunately, she’s not the type who’d beg and cry till she gets what she wants.  So we told her she’d get it on Christmas.  She asked for three things; a bunny in a cage, a pink poodle (which she calls Pink Ori coz her grandma’s dog is a poodle named Ori) and scooter.  I told her she can choose only one and she chose the bunny.  After awhile though, she said to buy the pink dog for Adie instead. Hahaha Smart move girl! Pink is for girls Caity! I told her.  She paused and negotiated some more… she said that the pink dog will be sad if we don’t buy it coz it likes her. “Pink Ori and the rabbit, okay?” she said… nice try, nice try. (: I have several gift options for her that are useful, not toys which will lose their fancy after sometime and become candidates for mess in the house.

Caity with her lil’ bro.

What’s funny, Caity?

What are you buying your kids for Christmas?

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It was spring when we went to see the Ice Age Giants Exhibit at Výstaviště Holešovice. The exhibition showcased prehistoric animals from Ice Age in life size form. We told Caity that Ellie, the female mammoth from the movie Ice Age would be there and she was excited to have a close encounter with her.   Only a few minutes inside the exhibit though, Caity heard the background animal sounds and got scared.  She refused to walk around the exhibit hall so her dad and I had to take turns in carrying her. That kinda ruined the fun for her.

Anyway, the kids got to see cavebear, sloth, armadillo, rhinoceros, and a lot more which included a fierce tiger eating its blood-soaked prey.  It was pretty scary coz it looked almost real!



On to Caity’s outfit for that beautiful spring day:
If this picture looks familiar, it’s because this is the one we used for the Kids’ Style badge.

Cap – Hello Kitty
Inner shirt – Hello Kitty
Pink hooded jacket – George
Pink tutu skirt – SM
Leg warmer with apple print – ordered from Ebay
Shoes – Cherokee

Blowing bubbles is fun!

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November 19th, 2011Barbie Exhibit Part 2

Ooopsy! Kinda late, but anyway here’s the sequel to 50 Years of Barbie!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with the Evil Queen.

The Wizard of Oz cast.

Boy band Westlife.

Rebelde Barbies

Pregnant Barbie. Do you see the baby inside her tummy?

Harry Potter, Batgirl Barbie…

Disney theme


PhotobucketDressed for cold

PhotobucketBarbie in mink coat

Albert Einstein with his Barbies

Fashion for Autumn

PhotobucketDonald Trump


Athletic Barbies

PhotobucketShe’s Caity, not Barbie!

Advance Merry Christmas from the Happy Holiday Barbie Dolls

There’s more but I’m not gonna post all. ENOUGH of Barbie!
Got a suggestion though. If your daughter is a big Barbie fan, you should bring her to the Toy Museum to see the Barbie exhibit. Warning: She’ll go crazy there, and might demand, beg or threaten you to buy her a new Barbie doll. teehee!

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November 13th, 2011Kids’ Style #1

Hello all! Welcome to the first entry of Kids’ Style! We’d love you to join us, especially if you have stylish kids, be it boys or girls. They don’t have to wear fancy clothes, or designer brands, as long as they look adorable then that’s it! We just want to gush with delight over those cute little fashionistas and be inspired by their style.

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With that settled, I’ll carry on, okay?
As I have posted previously, we went last week to the Toy Museum in Prague Castle to see the exhibit of vintage toy cars, trains, dolls and a lot more, which included a collection of Barbie celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Here’s what Caity wore on that day,matchy-matchy with autumn foliage:

Top – OshKosh
Knitted cardigan – Next
Leopard print leggings – C&A
Maryjanes Shoes – Besport bought in Finland

The walk up to the Prague Castle was tiring but Caity was all gungho and uber excited to see the toys that she didn’t mind climbing the 208 steps!

Inside the museum with the porcelain dolls in the background in her signature pose, head leaning to the side. hehe

If you want to see the Barbie exhibit, click on 50 Years of Barbie.

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November 10th, 201150 years of Barbie

The Toy Museum of Prague Castle is holding a Barbie exhibit in commemoration of this fashion doll’s 50th year. I am not a big fan of Barbie, nor Caity is. Can you believe she doesn’t own even a single Barbie doll? Hubby frowns at the thought of introducing Caity to Barbie. Haha! But our little girl knows her anyway from the movie Toy Story. We actually went there mostly for the other toys on display.

Welcome to the Toy Museum!

The museum also have vintage toys such as dolls, trains, boats, etc. some of which are part of the family collection of the film-maker and caricaturist Ivan Steiger. It was nice to see toys from decades back made in top quality and craftsmanship, unlike the mass-produced toys we have these days that are mostly made of plastics. (It will be a different post!)

Caity poses with the giant first-edition (1959) Barbie.

Let Caity take you on a Barbie tour. Okay?  Take a seat, grab an apple and beware of excessive pictures and fashion overdose!

Retro vibe!!!  Even the hairstyles! Super bongga!

Did you know that Barbie has a younger sister? If not, then now you know! Meet Skipper!

Some more of that retro look!

Festive, ostentatious clothes!

It seems like these are national costumes around the world.

Anyway, even if we were not Barbie fans, we still enjoyed the vast exhibit of various Barbies throughout the years. Coz you know, there were different themes and collections. It was  such a delight to spot famous characters like Snow White, West Life, superheroes, political figures among a sea full of Barbies.

There are more pictures to post, so I’ll make part 2, and maybe even part 3 of 50 years of Barbie!

Can you tell which was the brown in this post?  Caity’s leopard print leggings of course! :P

Photos taken on Nov. 7, after a trip to buy Jelly Belly jelly beans.

November 8th, 2011Happy Caity Kids’ Style

Do you love to dress up your kids? I know I do! Kids themselves love to play dress up too! Here’s a chance for kids to share what they wear when they’re out on a trip, to school, parties, in the playground, at home or just about anywhere they go.

To celebrate kids’ fashion, Happy Caity will launch Kids’ Style! Oh! Did I mention we’re also cooking up an exciting blog giveaway that will happen soon? Yes, we will! Stay tuned for that one.

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